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Baby food

Shelf life: Up to +5 times

Organoleptic and nutritional qualities 100% preserved

Compliance with export regulations

Brand protection guaranteed

Product features:

Even more so in the case of baby food, the undoubted advantage of HPP treatment is to be able to guarantee the food safety of treated foods and drinks by inactivating pathogens, thus ensuring 100% safe products for children. Another advantage is the increase in shelf life which makes possible to avoid the use of preservatives and heat treatments, preserving the natural characteristics of the products (vitamins and antioxidants precious for children’s growth). Currently most of the baby food products on the market are heat treated, therefore very poor in nutrients or with the presence of preservatives; for this reason many parents prefer to make at home the fresh and natural versions of fruit purees and homogenised. With HPP you can get innovative baby food products with all the above benefits: safe, long-lasting, nutritious and natural.

What are the applications of HPP for baby food?

• Fruit juices

• Grated fruit purees

• Chamomile

• Smoothies

• Vegetable creams

• Homogenised (fruit, vegetables, meat)

• Soups

• Processed vegetables e.g. mashed potato