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Raw vegetables

Shelf life: Up to +5 times

Organoleptic and nutritional qualities 100% preserved

Compliance with export regulations

Guaranteed brand protection

Product features:

Vegetable products such as guacamole sauce or basil pesto are products that last a few days if left natural. Thanks to the HPP treatment, truly important shelf life extension values ​​can be obtained: even over 60 days at refrigeration temperature (which means more than tripling the normal shelf life) with the product showing no alteration compared to the untreated version. In fact, since HPP is a cold process, the organoleptic (colours, flavors and aromas of raw fruit/vegetables) and nutritional characteristics remain perfectly intact, with the guarantee of a safe product.

What are the applications of HPP for processed vegetables?

• Vegetable sauces (guacamole, chickpea hummus, olive pâté…)

• Fresh sauces (diced tomatoes, ragù, vegetables...)

• Pestos (basil, rocket…)

• Soups

• Condiments (soy sauce, salad dressing…)

• IV and V range (packaged cooked vegetables…)

• Creams and velvety

• Emulsions (mayonnaise, capricciosa salad, …)

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