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Juices and extracts

Shelf life: Up to +5 times

Organoleptic and nutritional qualities 100% preserved

Compliance with export regulations

Guaranteed brand protection

Product features:

Fruit juices, cold extracts and purees are the current HPP workhorses. Naturally, these are products that would normally last a few hours/a few days but treated with HPP they can last 60-90 days or more. Another requirement for this type of product is to obtain microbiological stabilization while maintaining the organoleptic characteristics (colours, flavors and aromas of raw fruit/vegetables) and nutritional characteristics of the fresh product (vitamin C, antioxidants...) unchanged, which are significantly reduced by any type of heat treatment. Since HPP is a cold process, these characteristics are completely maintained.

What are the applications of HPP for processed fruit?

• Fruit juices

• Extracted and cold pressed

• Fruit and vegetable smoothies

• Fruit purees

• Pulps and concentrates

• Cold infusions

• Flavored waters

• Fruit salads

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