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Drinks and infusions

Shelf life: Up to +5 times

Organoleptic and nutritional qualities 100% preserved

Compliance with export regulations

Brand protection guaranteed

Product features:

HPP treatment is also extremely effective in the case of drinks, sometimes with truly surprising results. In the case of wine, for example, the microbiological inactivation induced by HPP allows the stabilization of the product to be achieved by reducing/avoiding the use of added sulphites, thus being able to indicate it as sulphite-free wine. The same function also applies to raw craft beer, which with HPP can be stabilized with enormous results in terms of product standards, respecting the need not to undergo any heat treatment. High Pressures are also the ideal treatment for the production of cold brew coffee and in general for the entire family of cold-extracted or cold-pressed drinks. Depending on the case, both the inactivation of the microbial load and the increase in shelf life are the main benefits, together with the maintenance of quality and freshness aspects.

What are the applications of HPP for drinks and infusions?

• Wine

• Craft beer

• Alcohol-free drinks

• Mixtures for cocktails

• Infusions, teas and chamomiles

• Cold brew coffee

• Supplements

• Energy drinks

• Drinks in bag-in-box

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