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Meats and cured meats

Shelf life 90 giorni.

Qualità organolettiche e nutrizionali Preservate al 100%

Normative export

Protezione del marchio garantita

Product features:

Meat and cured meats are among the main products that can benefit from HPP technology. The treatment, in fact, is able to guarantee microbiological safety without resorting to the use of chemical products or heat treatments. High pressures are able to inactivate potentially very dangerous pathogens such as Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella and E. Coli, guaranteeing safe foods also for export and with a longer shelf life. The technology, which is applied exclusively to packaged products, also eliminates the risk of previous contamination due to the handling and packaging phase, thus improving the safety of the entire production chain.

What are the applications of HPP for meat products?

• Raw and cooked ham

• Cured and cooked cold cuts

• Salami, culatello, culatta, mortadella

• Porchetta, frankfurters, speck, bresaola

• Sausages and burgers

• Gastronomy preparations (first courses, second courses)

• Pre-cooked meat (turkey, chicken, pork, etc.)

• Marinated and semi-prepared meat

• Pizza toppings

• Meat with Halal / Kosher certification

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